The Hitachi Comes Back

A couple days ago I decided to break the Hitachi Magic Wand out of the confines of my closet to use it again. I was expectingĀ  mind blowing orgasms since it had been a month and a half since it’s last use. But that just didn’t happen. Sure, arousal came about a LOT faster, but the orgasms left something to be desired. I had two before I decided to go to the Inspire. I honestly just absolutely love the shape of the two pronged attachment of the Inspire. It works really really well for me. I never thought I’d say this, but in a pinch I think I’ll use my Hitachi as my warm up vibe and the Inspire to cross the finish line … multiple times.

It really all boils down to shape. I love the large head of the Hitachi. I close my legs around it and receive all over genital vibration. It offers a really quick way to get enough blood into my genitals in order to orgasm, but the two pronged attachment on the Inspire surrounds my clit in vibration that is more direct than the Hitachi can offer with it’s giant head. The two pronged attachment fits my body and stimulates me in a totally different way that I’d never experienced before and I just don’t think any other toy on the market right now can replicate.

I thought the Form 2 would be a shoe-in because it has the same kind of idea with two prongs that vibrate on both sides, but the prongs are too close together/not flexible enough and have that weird issue where it feels like they’re pulsing even when the toy is set to straight vibration.

I didn’t expect to come out of this challenge with a new favorite vibrator and had you told me a couple of years ago that CalEx would make a vibrator I love more than my Hitachi I would have scoffed at you. My views towards CalEx have changed leaps and bounds since actually working in this industry, but I’m not sure I would’ve even thought that they’d be able to beat out my beloved Hitachi until May.

A long time ago I gave up on buying/acquiring new vibrators because I thought nothing could beat the Hitachi, but this challenge showed me that we should always continue to try new sex toys while keeping in mind what we like and what we haven’t tried. In other words, keep an open mind, but know what kinds of things get you off.

Day 31: Battery Operated

On the last day of the 31 Day No Hitachi Challenge I decided I would try something I hadn’t in very very long while: a battery operated toy. All of the toys used in the challenge thus far had either been rechargeable or plugged directly into the wall for their power source.

The Toy

CalEx has been coming out with a whole bunch of super rumbly battery operated vibes lately and they really peaked my curiosity. The way they rumble makes the vibrator shake in such a way that it kind of acts like the Eroscillator and since I’d had such good luck with the Eroscillator I thought I’d give one of these types of toys a go. I tried the Clitoral Hummer which was by far the cheapest of the options I’ve used in this contest and goes to show that you don’t need to drop a ton of cash in order to get something good.

The Fodder

The wife helped out on this one again. Biggest success of this challenge = more sex, higher libido.


My arthritis got in the way of any orgasms that could’ve happened with the Clitoral Hummer. The vibrations felt good and I think eventually I would’ve gotten there, but the shaking of the entire toy really hurt my arthritic wrists. If I continue to use this toy I’ll probably just use it as a warm up for about 5 minutes and then move on so I don’t injure myself. This has however turned me off of this line of toys. While the vibrations feel great on my clit, they don’t feel good on my hands and wrists.

I switched toys towards the end to the Inspire, which I’ve deemed the winner of my challenge.

And here it is June 3rd and I actually still haven’t used my Hitachi. I’m surprised as you. I think I’m going to keep this going a bit longer because I feel like I’m not done experimenting. My libido has definitely increased, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been masturbating way more often than usual or if it’s because I have been using different toys and having to fantasize more. Maybe I should do a 31 all Hitachi Challenge to see which it was.

When I finally do break the Hitachi out from the confines of my closet I am sure it will be amazing, but for now I’m content to keep having fun with other toys.

Day 23: Form 2

The 23rd day marked the first time I used a new toy during this challenge.

The Toy

Because of my love for the two pronged attachment on the Inspire I thought that I would love the Jimmyjane Form 2. I don’t hate it; it did give me 2 orgasms. But it’s not love. Its really a toy that is best for those who love pulsation – because even on straight vibration it often creates a pulsation.

The Fodder

I really just let my mind wander through sexy images of genitals, oral sex, and all kinds of fucking. It really worked rather well since I was already kind of revved up from a higher libido than normal and sexy dreams.


My orgasms seem to be coming more easily now. I think it’s time to try the Siri again. Also, I cannot wait until this challenge is over so I can have really strong orgasms from my Hitachi. The strength of those might make me want to take more time off from it just so I can have a repeat.

The Pain of Life

When I decided to do a 31 day challenge I somehow forgot about the normal pains that I experience in my life that make it difficult to masturbate at particular times. Sure, I can go 31 days without using my Hitachi, but it is near impossible for me to masturbate for 31 days in a row. I have masturbated a few times over the past week + and I’ve mostly used the Eroscillator and Inspire as those have been the most successful. However, life pains have gotten in the way.

There was the day when I was totally in the mood and I started to masturbate with the Inspire only to have the headache that had been sitting in the back of my brain to come out full force. For some, masturbation can be a great headache reliever. I, unfortunately, only get worse headaches – and sometimes I don’t have a headache but orgasm will bring it on.

Somehow I managed to forget that at some point during the 31 days I would get my period. How does one forget such things after menstruating for 20 years? For some, masturbation relieves cramping. For me, masturbation brings on cramping.

Then there was last night. Last night was the worst. I had just gotten the Jimmyjane Form 2 to test out and I was totally in the mood, but the arthritis in my hands required a slathering of Ben Gay which was going to go nowhere near my genitals. I’m not a masochist. I really hope I get to use it today, but it’s difficult to take it easy on my hands when my job requires so much computer time.

I was a little worried that the spike in libido had everything to do with my cycle. I almost always finally start to feel sexy right before my period starts because I’ve been off my hormonal birth control for long enough for my own hormones to take over. I’ve been back on the pill for a week and a half now but my libido is still there. It’s not strong, but it’s definitely there. I even had a sex dream last night! It was about the Gilmore Girls, but we can’t pick our sex dreams.

And in other good news, one of the times I masturbated with the Inspire I had STRONG orgasms! It’s the first time in the challenge that this has happened without the aide of my wife. I had them all by myself … and a vibrator.

Days 6-10: Eroscillator Training

Sometimes you need to try a new tactic and that’s what I did for days 6 through 10 of the 31 Day No Hitachi Challenge. I slacked for 2 out of the 5 days of this challenge because sometimes there are just other things in life that need your attention. And sometimes you just need to friggin sleep. But I still consider this quite the success.

The Toy

Out of all of the toys I’ve tried that had not yet given me an orgasm I felt like the Eroscillator was coming the closest. So I decided to focus specifically on it for a few days and kept it plugged in next to my bed. One of the things I really like about this toy, and what makes it a bit more discreet, is that you can remove the attachment and just clean that. No hauling giant vibrators to the bathroom, just a small attachment that can easily fit in a pocket or sleeve. Plus, cleaning a small attachment is SO easy! Those of you who take a toothbrush to your Hitachi know what I’m talking about!

The Fodder

I’ve had a lot of non-success coming up with sexy things to think about. I’ve been distracted with my sore, achey body. But I will try to redouble my efforts here. Part of the problem is waiting too long to masturbate and not getting to it until the end of the day.


I had an orgasm with the Eroscillator! Granted that was with the help of my wife, but that was not something that could be achieved before with the Wahl. But this is a double success because we’ve had sex more often than usual. Masturbating at bedtime is tricky because it’s harder to focus, but it also means we’re more likely to have sex. So I must admit I’m torn.


Day 5: A Little Help

Or actually maybe a lot of help. Yesterday was Day 5 of my 31 Day No Hitachi Challenge.

The Toy

It was time to try the Wahl again. Unfortunately I was unable to find an opened Wahl at work last week and after last night’s use I think I am going to have to actually go into the warehouse to pull out a new one. Because there MUST be something wrong with mine. That seems to be the only conclusion I can draw because I find the Wahl to be the opposite of a satisfying experience. In fact at some points last night it was actually painful, but I’ll get to that later. In the middle I decided to switch toys and I’m glad I did.

The Fodder

My wife. I guess it’s not really fodder, since we actually made with the sexins. I can definitely report that masturbating every day has risen the libido. I’m forced to think about sex, which is good since I seem to have stopped thinking of it on my own. I know that sounds so weird considering that I work for a sex toy company, but I don’t think about my own sex life. I think about other people’s sex lives and that doesn’t translate. I think about sex toys and their functions which is actually not a sexy thing at all for me. One of the things that makes me good at my job is the fact that I can totally separate myself from other people’s experiences. If I wasn’t able to do this we’d sell a much more limited quantity of sex toys. In fact we’d only sell like 5 vibrators tops … and no rabbits which are top sellers.


Yay sex!

I must say I do not like the Wahl. I feel like I’m committing heresy here. I started with the spot attachment which looks like a nubbin with a ring around it and I just couldn’t feel it. My clit was registering like no sensations whatsoever. So I switched to the knuckle joint attachment which looks like a corner – like a rounded edge of something. I definitely felt a lot more with that, but both good and bad. My clit registered the vibration and was enjoying it, but the edges of the attachment were a little on the sharp side and in order to receive the sensation I wanted from the toy I also was being subjected to these sharp edges on my outer labia. This was frustrating, uncomfortable, and very distracting from the sex.

We couldn’t have that so I traded up for the Inspire and had lots of happy wonderful orgasms. In the future I will probably try to incorporate the Eroscillator or the Siri or something else, but after the frustration from the Wahl I deserved the Inspire. Especially since I knew the wife would be breaking out her Hitachi for herself. Yes, we own two of them.

At this point I think the Wahl may only have one trial left, if that.