Beginner Anal Positions

In a recent comment a reader asked: I am curios about anal sex. Me and my husband discuss it but we are waiting on the right time. I was wondering what is the best position for beginners?

Many beginners to anal sex find that it is easiest to start where the person who is being penetrated anally is on top. So think of the cowgirl position, but up the butt instead of in the vagina. Reverse cowgirl would work fine as well. The reason that this can often be the best position for beginners is because the person who is on the receiving end has more control over depth, speed, and angle. You can ease that cock or dildo in as quickly or as slowly as you’d like … although I’d suggest slowly since you’re beginners.

Another option if you’re having a difficult time relaxing is to have the receiver laying on their back, but with their hips and legs supported with pillows. This allows the receiver to relax more, but also gives up a lot of the control. If you and your partner trust each other and have really good communication skills during sex this could be a great option.

No matter what you do though, remember to use lots of lube, warm up with fingers and/or butt plugs, and be patient. Porno ass sex is all pretty staged. You can’t just start fucking an ass gung ho like that. Those performers warmed up beforehand.

For more beginner anal sex tips check out my post here.

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