Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality was the movie selected for our first ever twitter pornoparty. It was a ton of fun getting to experience this feminist porn award winning movie with others while we all tried to make each other laugh and think about what was going on.

The format is similar to Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality in that the film features men sitting around talking about their sexuality and what it means to them followed by some hot hot action of them having sex with both men and women.

Truthfully, I enjoyed Fluid: Women more than Fluid Men. I felt like more of the women were politically minded and open minded than the men. I feel like even though the men enjoyed having sexual experience with other men that they had this barrier against wanting to have relationships with them. This of course wasn’t the case for all of them, but for more than half. I felt like the way they talked about sex and their own sexuality just showed how rampant homophobia is in our society that even these men who enjoy sex with other men had these barriers that still could use some breaking down. Granted this is totally my opinion and you may feel otherwise. But for me, only the last two men featured fully embraced their sexuality. But that could also be a reflection of my own sexuality and looking for that in other people. What did other people think who have either viewed it with us at the twitter party or who have seen it on their own?

Ok so here’s how it breaks down…

Scene 1: Jack Hammer

Jack is a handsome muscular black man who prefers muscular, non-hairy men who take great care of themselves. He’s kind of picky with men, but not so much with women. He loves lots of different kinds of women. He is ex-military and likes to attend bisexual play parties. Overall he tends to prefer people who identify as bisexual or pansexual.

So after the interview (and interspersed throughout as well) we get to see Jack and Constance get it on. This woman is sooo cute and sexy. She’s got a little bit of a tummy, dark brown hair, and bruises on her tummy from what appears to be play piercing.

The sex starts out pretty rough, but gets a bit softer and more sensual as the scene moves on. One thing I noticed about this flick compared to the other one is that it feels like the clothes come off almost instantly. I don’t know if this is a trick of editing or if the guys are just a lot less patient when it comes to clothing.

So in this scene we get some belt choking, deep throating (with nose holding for extra suffocation), talking that I can’t hear (seriously when will someone answer my plea for subtitles in porn?), and some penis in vagina intercourse with a condom.

Scene 1.5: Gabriel

I call it 1.5 because we get to see the interview of the next guy and then he joins in on the fun with Jack and Constance. Gabriel grew up in Brazil and surprised himself when he realized he was attracted to men sometime in his 20s. He has no interest in dating men and only wants to fuck them. Although, he is into lots of different types of men and the body part that turns him on most on both men and women is their genitalia.

Gabriel makes an appearance in the scene with Jack and Constance. The scene starts with Gabriel sucking Jack off while Constance watches and masturbates with a hitachi. There’s making out, rimming, and butt sex. Condoms are used and we even see the switching of condoms when partners are switched. This always makes me happy. To make me even happier, Constance wears a glove when she fingers Jack’s ass. Also, there’s a butt sex train and a double cock suck fest. In the end both men cum on Constance and then Jack licks it up.

Scene 2: Deviant Kade

Kade’s interview reveals that he identifies as bisexual and that he also has no interest in dating men. He also seems to have a very limited view of what the word queer means. He says that he moved to San Francisco in order to better explore his sexuality and that his first anal experience was with a woman strapping on. His turn ons include attitude, open mindedness, well defined men who aren’t too muscley, curvy ladies, people who take care of themselves, and intellect. BTW Kade has beautiful eyes. Just sayin.

The sex scene starts between Kade and Amber Rayne. I gotta admit that I am not attracted to Amber. She’s very conventionally pretty and thin which doesn’t tend to do it for me. However, that girl has a mouth on her and that is totes hot. I can never hear dirty talk in porn, but she annunciates all of her dirty words and I can hear it all. It was actually kind of surprising to hear that dirty mouth so clearly. No low growls or anything. Just clearly stated “Go balls deep in that fucking cunt” and “I want you to cum on my face so I can fucking taste it.”

Anyhoo, there’s some oral sex on both sides, rimming, and Amber finger fucks Kade with her long nails *shudder*. Kade then fucks Amber in the pussy with no condom.

And then this kind of weird dude (Mark Frenchy) with a ridiculous headband on (loved Coyote’s tweet at us to not judge him for his headband) comes in and gets between the two. He pushes Amber away with his foot and she performs some slight foot worship upon it. Then we have a bit of a repeat from the other scene where Mark sucks Kade’s cock while Amber masturbates with a hitachi. Then she joins back in the action and there is a lot of sucking and rimming going on. Follow that with fucking and blowing and stroking. And then all is ruined when Mr. Headband – who is not wearing a condom- fucks Amber in the pussy then the ass and then back again. This pretty much squicked me. And then there’s some cumming, but I’m still too distracted by the ass to vag thing to enjoy that at all.

Scene 3: Rose

When Rose came on the screen I think everyone in twitter pornoparty melted a bit. This guy was just adorable and politically-minded and more interested in breaking down gender than the ones before him. Obviously, we were a somewhat like-minded group. Although that doesn’t mean that we don’t welcome others for future twitter parties. As long as you respect the sex workers you are welcome to our twitter parties.

Rose embraces the word queer, but tends to identify more as an animal. His goal is to get out of the human mindset and break free by delving into his animalistic sexual instincts. Rose also believes that everything is queer. That queerness isn’t just about sexuality or bodies, but about being strange/out of the norm and embracing it. He says that he is a “super feminist” and he is also attracted to power. Don’t you just love him?

So then the sex scene starts and this time it’s two guys beginning. They also seem to keep their clothes on longer which is great because we get to linger on the lacey panties that Tommy Midas is wearing. But before we even get to his panties we see them makingout very sensually. Sure the guys makeout in other scenes, but this scene is just hotter. It feels more genuine. It feels so real and sexy. Plus I think we were all excited that Tommy was a bit of a twink. There’s some cock sucking and some really intense ass fucking with great moaning.

Scene 3.5: Tommy Midas

Like I already said, Tommy is a twink and an adorable one at that. He identifies as queer and as a boy – not a man. He feels that queer is about having more fun, but also having a political agenda. He feels the identity is unrestrictive and tears at the notions of gender. Tommy is a boy and to a certain extent you see that identity in his desire to either be or fuck Peter Pan, the perpetual boy. Tommy is really into age play and also delving deep into the dark parts of the psyche. When Tommy finds himself in relationships they seem to mostly be with female bodied partners who also identify as queer. And just an FYI: he loves group sex.

Now this scene was very interesting to me because a few of the people participating in the pornoparty mentioned that Tommy didn’t look like he enjoyed performing oral sex on a female bodied person. In watching him, I felt like he seemed to enjoy it just as much as when he gave Rose a bj and I wonder how much of this type of judgment had to do with how he presented his gender. He’s a twinky boy and if you saw him walking down the street there’s a good chance you would assume he is gay because of his mannerisms. But in his interview he said that he mostly dates female bodied people so why was this being questioned? I thought that it was interesting that in a movie called “men redefining sexuality” it was assumed that this man was not portraying his honest sexuality. It just goes to show you that even sex positive folks can still put people in boxes that they don’t want to be in. It’s a process and I think it is important for us to all be aware of our own prejudices in order to try to break them down.

Anyhoo, on to the sex. That’s really what you want to hear about anyway, am I right? This scene starts where the last one stopped. Rose is fucking Tommy in the ass. Then Devi Lynne, a beautiful woman, comes in. She starts kissing Tommy and Rose just kind of disappears into the background for a big chunk of this scene. Tommy and Devi perform oral on each other. Devi tells Tommy that he’s a very pretty boy which he enjoys. Then they fuck and there is no condom.

At this point Rose reappears to everyone’s delight – he really was the fave of the party. Devi sucks Tommy off while Rose fingers his ass and strokes his own cock. Rose then cums on Tommy’s ass and Devi licks it up. Then there’s a 3way kiss and the scene ends.


Slideshow: Pics of the actors taken in studio and on set. They are set to music. I tend to think that these are rarely worthwhile. The quality (at least on my computer) is somewhat poor and pixelated.

Trailers: There is a trailer for Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality and The Curse of MacBeth

Overall thoughts: The lighting and sound for all the scenes were done well. It’s never perfect for indie porn, but the quality was better than a lot of the movies I’ve seen. All the scenes were comfortable. There was very little to no awkwardness between players and some had really great chemistry. The interviews were interesting and gave you a little glimpse of each guy’s personality and what turns him on. Overall, though I really prefer Fluid Women over Fluid Men. This may just be a personal taste thing, but I felt more openness and chemistry from the women. Although I do love watching guys suck cock and makeout. If you do too, then definitely pick this flick up. You can get it on DVD or VOD both from Good Vibrations.

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