If You Google it, I Will Answer #9

I love seeing how people get to my site. And sometimes they inadvertently find my site by asking a question I never answer here. That makes me sad :( So in the interest of getting people’s questions answered I will respond to questions I see people Googling to get here.

Q: Do blowjobs help sinus infections?

A: It depends what end of the blowjob you’re on. If you’re the one giving the blowjob then I would say that you definitely won’t get any healing benefit from it. In fact you may make it a bit worse if you end up creating a lot of snot while giving oral sex. The more snot, the more it just gets up in those sinuses. It could also hurt more than usual if say the cock you are sucking on ends up poking into your soft palette in the roof of your mouth or if the owner of the cock slaps you in the face with it. Plus there may be difficulty breathing if you are congested.

If you are receiving a blowjob and you have a sinus infection you may get a small boost in immune system function from the orgasm and feeling well cared for. However, I’d really recommend antibiotics, bed rest, and hot showers if you really want to get over your sinus infection quickly.

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